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Storia della Cantina Revello

Fratelli Revello: the history

The Revello family went tenant-farmer of a domain owned by the parish S. Martin in La Morra, in 1954. The year after Giovanni, our grandfather, and his two sons started to cultivate the vineyards, the grapes were sold to bigger producer.

We have to wait till 1967 for the first vinification by the Revello family, the wine then sold on the market. At 1982 the activity stopped for five years, because Enzo and Carlo choosed other professions.

1987 Carlo decided to turn back to the family domain and continue to work with the wine, after three years, also Enzo decided to come back, and they took over the farm from their father Giacomo and their uncle Ercole.

Since 1992 Enzo and Carlo are producing their own wine. With special work in the vineyards, reducing the production of the vine plant, and with help of a new technology at the vinfication, moment. They are using french barrique and following the precious advises of Elio Altare.

Since 1990 the farm has been combined with a farm resort complete with 4 rooms.
Revello Fratelli
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